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Do you want to include a firework display as part of a birthday party? Or are you organising a public event for Bonfire Night? Whatever the size and scale of your plan, you need to balance a spectacular display with optimal safety. The staff in our firework shops (which you can find in Reading and Slough) have an extensive knowledge about all aspects of our fireworks for sale. This includes the necessary safety precautions.

Like all reputable firework suppliers, we treat safety with paramount importance. With a clear understanding of our premium and cheap fireworks, we ensure you remember your Bracknell display for all the right reasons.

Due to the sheer range of products available in our firework shops, we can’t focus on the safety guidelines for all of them. As such, we will focus below on a perennial favourite: sparklers.

Sparklers are great fun for all the family. Even better, they are incredibly cheap fireworks. As firework suppliers, we stock a variety of options from trusted brands in a range of sizes and colours.

No matter which option you choose, you must always treat sparklers with respect. They burn hot and, if abused, can cause injury.

How to Use Sparklers Safely

We have provided advice below on how to ensure you and your children stay safe when using sparklers.

Wear Gloves

The best safety practices are often simple but effective. Put simply, wearing gloves when using a sparkler reduces the risk of burning your hands. We always recommend that children wear gloves when handling a sparkler.

If you’re an adult and you decide not to wear gloves, don’t let your sparkler burn all the way down. This significantly increases the likelihood of burning your hand.

Supervise Children

Even the most mature child requires supervision when handling a sparkler. These cheap fireworks burn far hotter than many people realise. They can even cause injury when extinguished. Lead by example, and don’t let little ones out of your sight.

As with all our fireworks for sale, including compounds, you should teach children to respect sparklers from an early age. This prevents mishandling as they grow up. As safety-conscious firework suppliers covering Bracknell, we advise against handing sparklers to children under five.

One Sparkler at a Time

In the height of a fun atmosphere, we recognise the temptation to light multiple sparklers at once. However, this is always a bad idea. Lighting several sparklers together may cause a flare up which could burn the person holding them.

The staff in our firework shops advise visitors to pace themselves and enjoy sparklers throughout the night.

Don’t Get Drunk and Act Irresponsibly

Unfortunately, many accidents we hear about are entirely avoidable. Chief among these involve the combination of sparklers and alcohol. If you’re in Bracknell and hosting an event involving fireworks, keep intoxicated people away from sparklers.

Dispose of Sparklers Responsibly

These cheap fireworks stay hot even after they’ve burnt out. As such, you mustn’t throw them in a bin or touch them with bare hands. We advise preparing a bucket of sand or water for safe sparkler disposal.

Putting them in a bin is reckless and irresponsible and could cause a fire.

Keep Them Separate from Other Fireworks

All our fireworks for sale have a fuse that ignites. Stray sparks from sparklers could set off fireworks unexpectedly, leading to panic and personal injury. It’s vital, then to keep sparklers and larger fireworks apart from one another.

Our firework suppliers suggest using sparklers as a warm up for the main display, or to wind down after it.

Don’t Use Outdoor Sparklers Inside

Our firework shops often stock specialist indoor sparklers. However, the majority are strictly for use outside. Using the wrong sparklers inside can have disastrous consequences, such as damaging your belongings and Bracknell home.

Ultimately, sparklers are great fun and represent some of our most popular fireworks. When treated with care and respect, they make a great addition to any event.

Call 01189 670146 (Reading shop) or 07444 803205 (Slough shop) to speak with our firework suppliers about sparklers or any other products for sale in our firework shops. We welcome queries from across Bracknell.