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Compound Fireworks in Wokingham, Maidenhead, Reading and the Surrounding Areas

Many aspects come together to create a memorable fireworks display. While large rockets add brief, glittering bursts, compounds will likely make up the bulk of your display. Whether you’re organising an event for a birthday, wedding or Bonfire Night, you want your fireworks to live long in the memory. As you would expect from renowned firework suppliers, we have an incredible range of fireworks for sale, including compound options. Loud, visually impressive and easy to use, these cheap fireworks provide the backbone for your display.

The Firework Factory operates two firework shops in Reading and Slough. Packed with an array of market-leading options, and staffed by experts sharing over 50 years of industry experience, your event is in safe hands with us. Be it locally in Bracknell, Maidenhead and Wokingham, or further afield in Hampshire, Oxfordshire and West London, we help customers from across the region put on dazzling displays.




1. Red tail to red blue star with silver strobe, Green tail to green star with red plum, Green tail to brocade crown with green strobe, Red tail to Ti-golden coco to red plum, Green tail to Ti-golden coco to silver strobe, Red tail to Ti-golden coco to gold plum, Red tail to Ti-golden coco with brocade crown, Green tail to silver move star with green strobe, Blue tail to gold spider with green strobe. 2 Red tail to brocade crown king with red plum, Green tail to silver spider with  red strobe, Red tail to flower crown with yellow plum, Gold tail to brocade crown, Blue star with red fallen leaves, Brocade tail to Ti-golden coco with red star and silver strobe, Brocade tail to Ti-golden coco purple star and green strobe, Brocade  tail to brocade crown with  silver plum


no limit



Gold coco to red, green and silver; silver strobe mine to golden coco blue star; silver strobe mine to golden strobe; blue tail to golden coco blue star.





Powerful high performance, multi-effect compound cake.


raise the stakes



Incredible high performance 4 barrage compound


Pyrotechnology 2020 204sh

Pyrotechnology 2020 204 shots


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Fireworks show

Fireworks Show 256


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video coming soon
video coming soon
Profi Show



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Your Guide to Compound Fireworks

What are Compound Fireworks?

It’s important to note that you may know these fireworks by a different name. Common examples include compound cakes, repeaters, candle combinations, link cakes and displays in a box.

However you know them, compound fireworks consist of multiple individual fireworks linked together with a single fuse. This means you can fire the entire display with one ignition. Because we specialise in premium, yet cheap fireworks, this makes a highly cost-effective solution.

As with all our fireworks for sale, we have a huge variation of compound options, all with their own specific cost, running time and effects. The factor uniting them all, however, is that you secure them on the ground and watch on as numerous shots fire into the air.

If you have any further questions about compound fireworks, please contact us or visit one of our firework shops in Reading or Slough. As the region’s leading firework suppliers, we’re always happy to answer your queries.

Why Choose Compound Fireworks?

There are two primary reasons why these cheap fireworks hold so much appeal:

  • A Single Ignition

  • A Spectacular Display

The single-ignition approach means you can light the fuse, stand back and enjoy the show. There’s no need to continually return to your fireworks to light them individually. This not only provides greater convenience, but it also minimises the risk of personal injury.

With so many compound fireworks for sale in our firework shops, you can find the perfect option for a truly epic experience. All our compounds contain multiple shots complete with various colours and effects. They also add that extra key ingredient – noise!

By their nature, compound fireworks deliver a varied display that keeps your audience entertained. The exact effects and patterns vary between products. For example, some release only a few shots while others contain several hundred. You can rest assured, most compounds end with a salvo of shots together, creating an impressive finale.

These cheap fireworks make displays easier, safer and more convenient, but all while still setting the sky alight.

We are Berkshire’s number one firework suppliers. Whether you’re based in Bracknell, Maidenhead, Reading, Slough or Wokingham, or any other location in the surrounding region, find out why people travel from near and far to visit our firework shops.

Call 01189 670146 (Reading shop) or 07444 803205 (Slough shop) if you require compound fireworks for an event in Maidenhead, Wokingham or the neighbouring areas.