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Firework Suppliers in Maidenhead with Nearby Shops | Our Advice for a Safe Firework Display

By their nature, firework displays should be spectacular and enjoyable. But of course, they involve explosive products, so they also require responsible planning and careful execution. Fortunately, the advice surrounding firework safety is relatively simple to follow. As time-served firework suppliers, we have just as much passion for display safety as we do our cheap fireworks for sale. That’s why, when you visit one of our firework shops in Reading or Slough, our staff focus as much on a product’s precautions as the effects they create.

No matter how experienced you are with fireworks, you must not become complacent. It could result in an accident, and subsequent personal injury, at your Maidenhead event.

Whether you’re a first-time organiser or a veteran of many displays, you can refresh your safety knowledge using the tips and advice below.

How to Ensure Safety at Your Firework Display

Before the Display

When you visit us for your cheap fireworks, you will find them in numbered categories; namely, categories 1 to 4. There’s no reason why you can’t light a display that involves category 1, 2 and 3 fireworks. However, only a professional operator can use a category 4 firework.

You must also have a deep understanding of your Maidenhead site. Key considerations include:

  • Is the site suitable for a firework display in the first place?

  • Is the site large enough for your needs, including a bonfire?

  • Are there any farms, stables or kennels with animals in nearby?

  • Have you checked in daylight for obstacles like overhead power lines?

  • Is there enough space for fireworks to land well clear of spectators?

  • What direction is the prevailing wind? What could happen if it changes?

You should also plan and mark out the relevant areas for your site. This includes one for spectators at a safe distance, one for firing the fireworks and another for where they will fall.

Like all reputable firework suppliers, we advise visitors to our firework shops to have a plan in case of emergency. We understand the excitement in shopping our cheap fireworks for sale, but you must put just as much time into an emergency plan.

For example, have a designated person who will call the emergency services in the event of a fire or accident. Prepare buckets of sand and water for the safe disposal of fireworks, especially sparklers.

If you are organising a large, public display in Maidenhead, you should also notify the emergency services. With advanced warning, they can respond to an emergency faster and more efficiently.

On the Day of the Display?

On the day of the event, recheck your site and stay up to date with the weather conditions and wind direction.

You must not let anyone inside the zone in which fireworks will fall. In addition, you must keep all people other than the display operator or team outside the firing zone.

If people have access to alcohol, discourage them from bringing drinks onto your Maidenhead site. Many accidents our firework suppliers hear about involve intoxication.

Never attempt to relight a firework that has failed to go off. In fact, you must steer well clear of failed fireworks until the next day.

The Day After the Display

Carefully inspect your site in daylight. Safely dispose of all firework-related materials. However, never use burning in a confined space as your means of disposal.

With a wide range of cheap fireworks for sale, including barrages, you can find everything you need in our firework shops.

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