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Cheap Fireworks for Sale in Slough | Interesting Facts and Insights About Fireworks

At the Firework Factory, we pride ourselves on knowing all there is to know about the fireworks for sale on the market today. We stock our firework shops in Slough and Reading with premium and cheap fireworks that meet an array of needs, tastes and budgets. By catering to everyone, but without any compromise in quality or safety, we have become the number one firework suppliers in Berkshire. Our reputation even sees us welcome visitors from Hampshire, Oxfordshire and West London.

Because we’re experts in pyrotechnics, we have learned an awful lot about the subject. Our in-house team shares over 50 years of industry experience, after all. As such, we have listed some of the interesting facts about fireworks we have picked up over the years.

Did You Know This About Fireworks?

The Chinese were the first to use fireworks

While you may trust us as your firework suppliers in Slough, it was the Chinese who first invented them. Two of the main reasons that inspired their creation are starkly different: one was to celebrate special occasions like New Year, while another was to intimidate enemy armies during battle.

China became globally renowned for the creation of simple, cheap fireworks. To this day, they are the world’s biggest manufacturer and exporter of these products. To underline this, China makes around 90% of the world’s total fireworks for sale. Of course, as they’re time-served experts, we stock many Chinese-made products in our firework shops.

King Henry VII used fireworks at his wedding

So, when did fireworks make their way to England? Well, the first recorded use dates back to King Henry VII’s wedding in 1486.

They must have made a huge impact, because their legacy is as strong as ever today. Be it in Slough or the surrounding areas, our firework suppliers provide an extensive range of options for all kinds of events, from powerful rockets to spectacular barrages.

Fireworks have had many uses over the years

As cheap fireworks have been readily available in firework shops for centuries, it’s understandable that people have found numerous uses for them over the years.

Yes, people most commonly use them for special occasions, but other applications include promoting prosperity and warding off evil spirits. Hopefully you don’t need us for the latter, but even if you do, we may just have the right fireworks for sale.

It’s not uncommon to dream about fireworks

Our Slough-based team can’t interpret your dreams, but psychologists have reached some conclusions about them. Apparently, people who dream about pyrotechnics like to be the centre of attention and boasting to friends. As there’s always two sides to every story, other interpretations claim that fireworks in dreams symbolise enthusiasm and exhilaration.

The largest rocket ever launched weighed almost 100kg

Rockets are among the most popular cheap fireworks we sell in our firework shops. While our fireworks for sale range in size, Dave Ferguson and the BFR Boys launched the biggest rocket ever in Hawthorne, Nevada on 27th September 2014. It weighed 97.01kg.

Rockets can clock speeds of 150mph

They not only move quickly, but they can also reach heights of 300ft. It’s important to note that not all options we provide as firework suppliers pack quite this much punch. But with our dizzying selection of fireworks in Slough, you can still find exactly what you’re looking for.

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