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Cheap Fireworks in Wokingham | Firework Suppliers | Our Advice and Tips for Putting on a Safe, Memorable Display

Are you in the early stages of putting together a firework display in Wokingham? Whether it’s part of a bigger event or the main attraction, many aspects must come together to deliver a safe, unforgettable display. The Firework Factory operates Berkshire’s favourite firework shops. Based in Reading and Slough, both premises have an extensive range of premium and cheap fireworks for sale.

As time-served firework suppliers, we not only provide advice about individual fireworks, but also your entire display.

With more than 50 years of shared experience, our team has many tips and tricks for improving firework displays. We’re also familiar with the latest governmental advice about putting on a safe, successful event.

Below, we have answered some of the most frequent questions we receive from customers visiting our firework shops.

Answering Your Display-Related Questions 

How simple is it to put on a firework display?

This depends on the size of the display you plan to stage. Even a medium-sized event involves a considerable amount of work. In such cases, we advise forming a committee to spread out the various aspects of organisation.

Of course, the larger your display, the more important this becomes. This is especially true for larger public displays which always involve more work than one person can handle.

Assign a person to arrange admission and ticket prices, someone to manage safety requirements and another to investigate the various cheap fireworks for sale and the quantities needed.

As firework suppliers, we can assure you that sharing the workload makes the process more enjoyable and ensures your display in Wokingham lives long in the memory.

Do I need to inform anyone in particular about my display?

If you’re putting on a large fireworks display in Berkshire, you must inform your local authority as well as the fire service and police.

By notifying the relevant parties in advance, the appropriate services can respond quickly and efficiently if anything unexpected occurs. In fact, for significantly large displays, the authorities may station small units on or near your site, minimising the potential response time.

If you have any farms, stables or kennels near your Wokingham site, you should also inform them too. Most of the premium and cheap fireworks for sale in our firework shops create loud noises. These tend to scare animals, especially if they are outside.

Like all reputable firework suppliers, we are just as passionate about the safety surrounding displays as we are the products we sell. We’re always happy to help you figure out who you need to inform based on the size of your display and its location.

How can I keep costs down?

The most effective way to keep your costs down is to visit one of our firework shops. The Firework Factory provides Wokingham and all Berkshire locations with cheap fireworks without any sacrifice in quality or safety.

With so many fireworks for sale, including fountains and sparklers, we help people with budgets of any size find the perfect mix of products without breaking the bank.

Should I enlist volunteers to help?

This answer depends entirely on the size of your display. Current recommendations from the Department for Business Innovation & Skills advise having one steward in place for every 250 spectators for adequate crowd control. Of course, you can always hire more.

Whatever the size of your team, everyone should know the exact procedure in the event of an emergency.

Your steward(s) should also know basic safety measures outside of emergency situations too. For example, spectators must never enter the display area. If they do, you must stop your display immediately.

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